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Equipment Screens

A RoofScreen® may be something added to a building to enhance aesthetics, or even make an architectural statement. Or, it could be a plain façade on the back of an old warehouse to satisfy city rooftop screening ordinances. No matter your project goal, we’d love to help.


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Our Screens

Standard Frames 01

Standard Frames feature our RotoLock® Square Base Attachment System and are the most common and versatile frames we provide. Standard...

The gold standard - our most common and versatile frames Fully adjustable to roof pitch during installation Ideal for roof structures with limited moment resistance Fully waterproof without periodic maintenance

Light-Duty Frames 02

Light-Duty Frames are our most economical offering, but have certain limitations. These Frames are fast to install and perfect for...

Our most cost-effective, fastest installing frames Perfect for low-sloped roofs in low wind areas Adjustable to accommodate rooftop elevation changes Waterproof attachment to any type of roof construction

Heavy-Duty Frames 03

Composed of High Strength Steel and Galvanized tubing, these frames stand up to even the most extreme conditions. Heavy-Duty Frames...

The solution to extreme conditions Made From High Strength Structural Steel and galvanized Steel tubing Supports cladding of almost any height Specially designed Base Support cap for high strength and complete waterproofing

Wall-Mount Frames 04

Wall-Mount frames are designed to mount directly to the inside of a parapet wall or the exterior of a building.

Mounts directly to the inside of a parapet wall or the exterior of a building Simple system with only a few parts Economical and fast to install Two-piece watertight mounting brackets

Frames Mounted On DryCap® 05

A watertight, structural sleeper cap system designed to cover wood or steel sleepers and curb rails on commercial roofs.

Solves the problem of fasteners causing leaks in traditional sheet metal sleeper caps Can be ordered to any length, or cut to fit in the field Mounts over 4x sleepers with room for roofing materials on each side Mount any kind of equipment like pipes, HVAC or roof screens without penetrating the watertight barrier

RoofScreen® Benefits

Leak Free

An equipment screen simply cannot leak. It’s just as important as the roof itself. Nobody wants leaks. Collateral damage, business disruption, liability, lawsuits and reputations are at stake.

Fully Engineered

An equipment screen is like a sail attached to your roof. Wind is a powerful force and the structural design of an equipment screen is nothing to take lightly. Don’t risk leaving that work up to someone with little or no experience.

Bolt Together Design

Incredibly strong structures can be built with this simple bolt-together design. Adjustability is unlimited because of the way the fittings slide to the desired position and fasten with self-drilling tek screws.

Equipment Screens Designed With A Purpose

When you watch a duck moving across a pond, what you see is a beautiful, calm, colorful duck. What you don’t see is all the amazing mechanics happening below the waterline.

When you work with RoofScreen, you can focus on the nice stuff above the waterline (roof). We’ll take care of all the unseen technical mechanics.

Real engineering is highly dependent on specific site conditions. That’s why RoofScreen provides you with the full package, tailored to your specific project. Generic rubber stamped “engineering” data sheets just don’t cut it with us.

No animals were harmed in the making of this photoshopped image.

We're Different

How Much Does A RoofScreen® Cost

We hate to say it depends, but… it depends. If you are willing to call us, and we hope you are, we can provide quick, accurate quotes for fully engineered equipment screen systems. Otherwise, check out the list on the right to learn more about the different factors that can influence the price of rooftop screening.

What is the labor cost?

Through testing and feedback from our customers over the years, we have formulated some guidelines for installation time. There are many factors that affect installation time like worker skill, jobsite access, screen parameters, etc. We can’t tell you how long it will take, but we can provide these helpful data points you can factor into your estimate:

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There are multiple factors that play into this but all you really need to know is - the taller the frame, the more expensive the equipment screen.


Every inch in height of panel adds wind load to the screen wall. The higher the wind load on the equipment screen, the higher the cost. If you're trying to save money you may want to consider leaving a large gap at the bottom of the panel if line of sight allows.


One of the biggest cost factors is quantity of frames. The most cost effective option is to space the frames as far apart as engineering will allow. Frame spacing is greatly affected by wind load, frame height, panel height and locations of HVAC units.


Panel costs vary greatly and can have a big impact on overall project cost. To see a chart showing the cost difference between panels types, please see page 6 of our Design Guide.


Typically panels mounted horizontally are the most cost effective, except in cases where the frames are spaced farther than their spanning capabilities allow, typically about 8' to 10' O.C.


The simpler, the better. To keep costs down, stick to straight runs when possible and limit jogs, corners and access gates. If you have several RTU units to conceal it is usually better to do one single large RoofScreen rather than several small ones.

Steel Tube Framing for Bulletproof Builds

RoofScreen® tubing is stronger and more corrosion resistant than standard pipe. Our high strength mechanical tubing has been tested to last more than 4 times longer than typical schedule 40 pipe. Various sizes and gauges are available as well as additional services like end crimping and curving.

Roofing Attachments and Accessories

Square Base With RotoLock™

Designed to mount to various types of roof structures and adjust to the roof pitch with our ingenious RotoLock™ feature.

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Round Post Support

Provides increased vertical flexibility because the Post Cap and Roof Flashing Boot are independent of each other.

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square post support for equipment screens

Square Post Support

Designed to attach to our LT™ Frame and other Light-Duty Framing systems utilizing a Square Post connection.

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thermal break for rooftop attachment insulation

Thermal Break

Thermal bridging is often a concern on commercial roofs. RoofScreen has a solution for this problem.

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soundguard equipment screen with blue facade