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Commercial Rooftop Products

We Make Equipment Screens and Other Cool Products

Commercial Rooftop Products

We Make Equipment Screens and Other Cool Products

(Well at least we think our products are cool.)

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What We Do

Equipment Screens 01

A RoofScreen® may be something added to a building to enhance aesthetics, or even make an architectural statement. Or, it could be a plain façade on the back of an old warehouse to satisfy city rooftop screening ordinances. No matter your project goal, we’d love to help.


Equipment Screen Cladding 02

Metal cladding has long been a favorite choice by architects and designers to make building projects look unique and amazing. The beauty and durability metal offers makes it a natural choice for the facing on a roof screen.

VisionGuard® Louvers 03

Continuous blade aluminum louvers that will make any building look great.

SoundGuard® Acoustical Panels 04

Loud air conditioners can be a real problem. It’s noise pollution and most neighbors don’t take too kindly to it. That’s why we developed this super sound-absorptive panel system.

Silverback® Solar Racking 05

Engineered solar mounting systems by people who understand structures and waterproofing.

DryCap® Sleeper Cap Systems 06

DryCap® is a watertight, structural sleeper cap system designed to cover wood or steel sleepers and curb rails on commercial roofs.

DryStand® Supports & Platforms 07

DryStand® is a universal, structural platform system designed for use on commercial rooftops. It attaches to the roof structure with easy to flash round posts, and allows unlimited adjustment for length, width and height.

How We Do It


If it leaks, what’s the point? Why spend effort, time and money building something that could just end up haunting you due to leak problems? We’re obsessed with waterproofing. We come from the construction and roofing business so it’s in our DNA.

Wet Stamp Engineering

When you get project specific engineering from us, it comes wet stamped by a professional engineer licensed in the state where you project is. After all, our objective is to make your job easier, not harder. The last thing you need is to be chasing down a local engineer to review and stamp project calcs.


We know what we’re doing, and we’re not just saying that. We back that claim up with a 20-year warranty on most of our products!

Full Compatibility

RoofScreen came out of the roofing trade. We take this stuff seriously. Our products were developed with hands on experience as the foundation. We’ve gone to great lengths to make our products compatible with all types of roof structures and roofing types. You can trust us on this.

Flexible Design

Adjustability is unlimited with our framing systems because of the way the fittings slide to the desired position and fasten with self-drilling tek screws.

Proven System

We have a track record you can trust. Let's put some numbers to that. How about 130,000? That's the number of roof attachments we've put in service across the US since 2002, and we've never had a failure.

What We've Done

Our Work Stands For Itself

An equipment screen should be aesthetically pleasing. That could mean it simply blends in with the look and feel of the building and becomes unnoticeable. Or it could mean designer materials making an architectural statement.

You have complete flexibility with the RoofScreen® System.

We offer many styles and colors of standard panels as well as aluminum louvers and decorative metal panels to make your equipment screen look just the way you want.

Take a look at some of our work

(you know you want to). 

What We Can Do

scenic decorative metal facade

Make an Impression

Our DecoScreen™  Decorative Panel systems provide exclusive patterns that can be utilized in many ways. From equipment screen paneling to ornate facades, DecoScreen™  Panels can add an intricate blend of artistry and refinement to any project.

See DecoScreen™
architectural sketch of decorative metal concept

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