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SoundGuard® Acoustical Panels

Loud air conditioners can be a real problem. It’s noise pollution and most neighbors don’t take too kindly to it. That’s why we developed this super sound-absorptive panel system.


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Whether designing a roof screen, or quieting down a backup generator, this panel will get the job done.



Testing results show impressive levels of 1.15 NRC (noise reduction coefficient) and 38 STC (sound transmission class).


These panels aren’t just for roof screens. The flexibility of the design makes them a great choice for just about any application where sound needs to be blocked.


Aesthetics are important. That’s why we designed our sound panel system with the ability to have any type of face panel applied to it.

Noisy rooftop equipment? Shut ‘em up with SoundGuard® panels.

SoundGuard® Panels will silence even the noisiest equipment and greatly improve the surrounding environment.  Testing results show impressive levels of 1.15 NRC (noise reduction coefficient) and 38 STC (sound transmission class).

The perforated liner sheet faces the noisy equipment and allows sound to pass through the perforations and be absorbed into the insulation. The metal face panels on the outside of the screen can be any color and style of panel desired for a streamlined aesthetic.

For rooftop equipment sound screens, an optional heavy neoprene skirt can be added between the bottom of the screen and the roof. This allows water to properly drain on the roof while reducing sound through the bottom gap.

Whether you are designing a new equipment roof screen, or trying to quiet down a noisy backup generator, this panel assembly will get the job done.

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