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Installation Guides

Easy installation is part of our design DNA

We get it. You want products that are easy to install and not only make your job less frustrating, but help you to actually make a profit. The last thing you need is to be struggling with lots of parts and hardware, trying to figure out what goes where. RoofScreen Manufacturing was born out of the construction and roofing industry. We know what it's like to be on a roof. That's why we designed our systems with simplicity, and back them up with detailed step by step installation guides.

RoofScreen® System 01

We've perfected the art of installing equipment screens so you don't have to. If you follow our procedures, you'll be amazed at how easy and fast the RoofScreen® system goes up. You can also feel good about the installation, knowing it's engineered properly for the wind loads and will never leak. For installation instructions pertaining to the LT Frame, see the installation manual further down this page.

RoofScreen LT™ Frame 02

The RoofScreen LT™ is the fastest installing frame we offer. The light-duty frame system consists of 3 square galvanized tube members and our Square Post Support system, which allows adjustment for roof slope and a watertight connection.

VisionGuard® Louvers 03

RoofScreen's VisionGuard® aluminum louvers are simple and fast to install. All three profiles, angled, slatted and curved are installed using the same procedure, so only one installation manual is needed. When it comes to louvered equipment screens, RoofScreen Mfg. has the best offering in the industry because we manufacture the entire framing system as well as the louvers themselves. This means the system is engineered so the louvers and the frames are completely compatible for a quick worry-free installation. No hiccups, no gotchas.

SoundGuard® 04

The SoundGuard® system is engineered for acoustical enclosures and noise barriers where structural integrity, sound absorption and transmission loss are of major concern. SoundGuard® panels are designed for outdoor applications. This acoustic panel system is engineered to be mounted over open framing such as the RoofScreen framing system or structural steel supports.

DryCap exploded view

DryCap® Sleeper Cap System 05

DryCap® is a very unique product we invented that solves a really common problem. That problem, and one of the biggest mistakes made in commercial roofing is to drill and screw through the top of sheet metal sleeper caps when attaching equipment. DryCap® solves that problem by allowing equipment to be securely attached to the built-in slots on the top of the cap. It's really easy to install with just basic tools: tape measure, hammer and drill gun.

DryStand® 06

The DryStand® system was developed specifically for commercial roofs, but can be used on any flat or low‐sloped surface, such as a patio, deck, parking lot, warehouse floor, etc. The round posts include telescoping sleeves to allow height adjustment, making it easy to level the platform on sloped substrates.