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DecoScreen™ Decorative Paneling

The DecoScreen™ Decorative Panel system provides exclusive patterns that can be utilized in many ways. From Equipment Screen paneling to decorative facades, our custom engineered panels can add an intricate blend of artistry and refinement to any project.

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DecoScreen™ Benefits


Laser-cut to precise specifications. Finished meticulously. Powder coated with care. Every panel is a work of art.


These panels aren't just for equipment screens (although they work great as equipment screen cladding). Use them to create a façade or shade structure; as stairwell siding, or as decorative vision barriers.


Have a specific design in mind? We'd love to team up! We'll work alongside you to develop patterns unique to your project.

Attachment Options

DecoScreen™ is designed to attach directly to our Square Girt support framing or to existing framing using our color-matched Standard or Tamperproof fastener options.

Have a more complex situation? We offer bracketed attachment options and do custom attachment work on a per-project basis.

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An Array of Finishes

We offer both AAMA 2604 and AAMA 2605 coating options to suit a wide range of applications.

Whether you are looking for a finish that will hold up in South Florida, or are using DecoScreen™ indoors, our color offerings are sure to meet your project specifications.


Color Chart
decorative panel being powder coated by hand