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Silverback® Solar Racking

Engineered solar mounting systems by people who understand structures and waterproofing.

Solar Solutions

R-Series Racking System 01

Our most versatile Solar Racking System. Allows for many different configurations, heights and spacing. Mounted with Round Post Supports.

S-Series Racking System 02

Big, strong and capable of spanning long distances between attachment points. A heavy-duty solar racking system on Square Base Supports.

This Is No Tinker Toy Racking System

It’s not one of those roof-compromising ballasted systems either. It’s a heavy duty, serious PV racking system developed by people who understand structures and waterproofing. That’s why we named it Silverback: big, strong, sturdy.

Whether your roof is wide open without obstructions, or cluttered with all kinds of equipment, Silverback Solar® Racking is a great choice. Our high-strength designs allow you to put solar on commercial roofs most people would walk away from. High parapet walls, HVAC equipment and other roof clutter won’t kill your project if you use Silverback. Elevated frames that span over equipment and get above shadows make it possible. Our specially designed roof attachment system makes it watertight.

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curved r-series silverback solar racking
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