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December 20, 2019

We all know electronics and water don’t play well together. When OVHcloud Data Center came to us seeking a way to reduce noise pollution and modernize their look, waterproofing was of top priority. Let’s face it, drilling holes in a roof can be unsettling; when the roof is keeping valuable data secure, it can be downright scary. With traditional materials and systems, things can get slippery. RoofScreen’s leak-proof system was the perfect solution for the project.

Nestled between office buildings and residential areas, the data center’s loud rooftop equipment needed the silent treatment. RoofScreen’s SoundGuard Acoustic Panel technology was perfect for the job. With an NRC rating of 1.10 and an STC rating of 32, the SoundGuard panels were able to greatly reduce equipment operating sound. RoofScreen’s Ribbed paneling was chosen as a finish to the system for a clean, modern look.

Water is always a major concern when dealing with electronic equipment. The SoundGuard paneling was retrofitted to the existing roof using RoofScreen’s patented Square Base RotoLock system. With over 100,000 installations without a single leak, this attachment system was a clear choice for the project, and the folks at OVHcloud could rest easy knowing their customers’ data was safe from the elements.

To top the project off, a 24′ Aluminum Composite curtain wall was designed to give the building a new look. RoofScreen custom engineered a framing system to support the sky-blue centerpiece. Safe to say the data center is no longer the ugly duckling of the business park.

We wish skies as blue as the curtain wall on the team at OVHcloud, but if things get stormy, our patented waterproofing technology has their back. Contact us or check out our Products page for more information about our functional and aesthetic rooftop innovations.