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January 14, 2022

The Cove at The Lakefront® in Little Elm, TX is home to the Dallas-Fort Worth area’s newest family swim center and water park. The highlight of the facility? Two massive water slides that start indoors on the upper level, twist their way outside, and end back inside the lower-level splash pool.


A Slippery Slope

While the two slides make a bold addition to the building’s exterior, much of the roof-level area they span is filled with HVAC equipment that is easily visible from ground level.

The Cove wanted the water slides to be a prominent visual feature of the facility, but did not want to bring attention to the unsightly rooftop equipment beneath.

We had just the solution.


The Cove’s existing parapet walls made the facility a perfect candidate for our Interior Wall Mount System (IWM).

Our IWM framing works as a great extension to, and attaches directly inside of, parapet walls. The wall mount approach is a perfect option when roof space is limited.


Threading the Needle

Our L20 VisionGuard™ Louvers were selected to outfit the IWM frames. They are a great choice when a slatted look is desired and can be customized in a variety of ways.
VisionGuard™ Louvers can also be cut to any length. This made designing around the slides and their network of framing easy and straightforward.

The gap between louver blades can also be specified to any distance desired. For this application, spacing of 1/2 inch was selected to reduce vision of the rooftop equipment as much as possible, while still maintaining a sleek slatted and interesting look. As with all of our VisionGuard™ Louvers, the blades are continuous, eliminating frame flanges and vertical mullions common in other brands.


A Swimming Success

The flexibility of our Interior Wall Mount framing system allowed us to easily accommodate both water slides and their steel bracing. Integrating our versatile VisionGuard™ Louvers thoroughly screened views of unsightly HVAC equipment while keeping things looking clean and modern.

The Cove’s iconic water slides can now stand proudly without being shadowed by a messy network of equipment below.