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February 20, 2020

“Everything’s bigger in Texas.” When the Lancaster Independent School District was awarded a bond to completely reconstruct two aging elementary school facilities, they lived up to the saying. RoofScreen Manufacturing was specified by Huckabee Architects to engineer and manufacture over 2,400 linear feet of equipment screen to conceal rooftop equipment on both Pleasant Run Elementary and West Main Elementary school buildings.

Pleasant Run Elementary boasted a 90,000+ square foot building plan designed to accommodate over 800 students. A whopping 1,270 linear feet of equipment screen was required to complete the project. The multi-sectional building required 4 different RoofScreen System layouts, each uniquely drafted to enclose unsightly rooftop equipment. Perforated ribbed aluminum paneling with 40% open area was selected to finish the RoofScreen system providing a light, modern look to the building’s roofline.

Check Out Lancaster School District’s Video for an aerial view of Pleasant Run’s RoofScreen.

Just two miles down the street, West Main Elementary was getting its own brand-new 90,000 square foot facility, requiring 1,167 linear feet of screen. School spirit is something everyone can get involved in, who says a Roofscreen can’t get involved too? The RoofScreen system paneling was finished with a Rich Black Kynar coating, matching the school’s color pallet, to be displayed proudly atop the building.

See how the two buildings and RoofScreen systems compare in this video.

Pogue Construction brought the architectural plans to life constructing both buildings and installing the RoofScreen systems with ease. Each new building was left with a bigger, better looking roofline enhancing a new learning environment that students, both present and future, can take pride in.