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May 20, 2020

Pharmaceutical company Moderna, Inc. opened its state-of-the-art clinical manufacturing and research facility in Norwood, Massachusetts, in July 2018. Our VisionGuard L10 louvers were specified as a multifunctional architectural embellishment for the building’s entryway.

The 200,000+ square foot facility is segmented into two main parts. One containing a glass entryway and reception area, the other, a heavy-duty concrete laboratory and manufacturing area. Each section has a very different architectural and structural style. Our louvered equipment screen spanned the two segments, helping bring the two contrasting styles together.

Research facilities of this caliber tend to have an array of industrial rooftop equipment. Many rooftop units were pushed up to the building edge, and visible from street level. Our VisionGuard L10 architectural louvers were mounted to HSS framing, providing vision-proofing while keeping the roofline looking clean and continuous.

A high-end research facility needs high-end signage. The architectural structure of the building didn’t lend itself well to signage mounting. Our VisionGuard louvers provided a perfect surface to display the Moderna company logo proudly above the building’s entryway.