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March 28, 2024

Riverside Labs, a state-of-the-art life sciences campus near Boston and Cambridge in Weston, MA, boasts three buildings, totaling 350,000 square feet spread across the 16-acre campus.

The recently completed “Riverside Building 20” hosts 90,000 square feet of lab space that is recently occupied by ModeX Therapeutics Inc, a clinical-stage biotechnology company.

A building of this nature and size will have large – and noisy- industrial HVAC equipment roof-side which can have an unpleasant visual and acoustical impact. In addition, unscreened and noisy rooftop equipment is often a code violation and requires screening and deafening.

The Solution

The SoundGuard® Acoustic Panel System is a 4” thick sound attenuating barrier assembly designed for aesthetics and noise control.

The outward-facing panels of the system can be any desired material allowing uniformity of color, texture and profile with other elements of the building. The system can be designed to attach to existing framing, or to our RoofScreen framing for a turnkey solution.


Partnering With Salem Glass

We teamed up with the installer, Salem Glass, to coordinate design details and ensure smooth installation of the 12-foot-tall SoundGuard® system.

Building 20 had existing HSS framing for equipment screen mounting, which cannot move or be adjusted. We had to ensure proper panel depth was achieved so the face panels outfitting the SoundGuard® system came in perfect alignment with existing walls on the rooftop.

Communication is of paramount importance in design work and Salem Glass went above and beyond to make sure things went as smoothly as possible.


Visual Versatility

The versatility of the SoundGuard® system allows it to be outfitted with any face panel cladding, you can even mix and match!

For this application, Centria cladding was used. The project architect, Shawmut Design, specified an alternating pattern utilizing two different panel profiles to create a visually compelling screen that coordinated with the architectural look of the building.

Easy Installation is Part of our DNA

We strive to make installers’ lives easy! We come from the roofing industry, so we know what its like to be up on a roof installing products.

With that in mind, our products are designed to be easy to install without compromising quality.

We back this up with an industry leading 20-year warranty.


Curious How to Install the SoundGuard® System?

Check out the in-depth installation video below!

We’ve designed SoundGuard® to be straightforward to install without the need for any special tools.


Huge thanks to Salem Glass for providing installation photos!