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November 20, 2018

VisionGuard™ Architectural Louvers by RoofScreen are so much more than your average louver. They can be used as the face panel for equipment screens and guardrails, parking garage vision barriers, decorative exterior cladding, or in the case of this project – a modern entryway façade for a mall renovation.

To create this look, L2M of Maryland specified the L20 Slatted Louver with 9” blade spacing for the entryway façade and rooftop mechanical screens and the L10 Angled Louver for the decorative feature above the shop awnings. The VisionGuard louvers are designed with concealed snap-in retainer clips which eliminate the need for mullions or flanges and creates a streamlined, continuous look. The spacing of the blades is completely customizable and the clips come pre-assembled at the desired spacing, making installation a breeze.

VisionGuard Architectural Louvers come in three styles – angled, slatted and curved – and can be used in both horizontal and vertical applications. There are several trim options and finishes to choose from – including AAMA 2605 certified paint and woodgrain finish.

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