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October 18, 2023

The brand new 220,000-square-foot Scheels All Sports store located in Chandler, AZ houses over 70 specialty shops and boutiques catering to outdoor enthusiasts, sports fans and more. The location even has a 16,000-gallon saltwater aquarium housing over 600 fish! Talk about one-stop shopping!

A building of this size is bound to have loads of rooftop equipment. The Scheels rooftop is no exception and accommodates over 20 unsightly HVAC units in need of screening

A somewhat common approach to concealing HVAC is to screen each unit individually. This is often done using short runs of equipment screens or individual unit-mounted screens. While these screening solutions are relatively easy to design and manufacture, they are often not the best solution for the customer or project.

Unit-mounted and short run screens for 20+ HVAC units often end up looking no better than unscreened units, and are typically not engineered to accommodate project-specific conditions. Lack of engineering usually results in short warranties and inefficient products. For a deeper dive into screening comparisons, check out our article 5 Types of Equipment Screens Compared”.

Long runs of continuous RoofScreen® look great, are designed on a project-specific basis, are material efficient and easy to install. Flush Textured Panels provided a perfect match to the new Scheels building exterior. These color-matched panels slot together at the end conditions eliminating the need for trim at panel intersections, resulting in a seamless look.

To support the long runs of flush paneling, we used our SC5 Framing system which, as with all our framing, comes standard with a 20-year warranty. The SC5 is one of our most robust “Standard” frames and is comprised of 5 round galvanized tube members, stainless steel connector fittings and our Square Base Support system which allows adjustment for roof slope and a watertight connection. This frame is perfect for higher wind load areas, and/or screens that are tall and have long spans.

The Scheels All Sports rooftop now has an aesthetic rooftop screening solution that is guaranteed to last. No matter your rooftop situation, don’t leave equipment screening to chance. Opt for a fully engineered system with an exceptional track record. RoofScreen has put in over 130,000 roof attachments across the US since 2002, and we’ve never had a failure.

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