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January 20, 2020

Perched on the southwestern bank of the Piscataqua river, just a stone’s throw west of the Atlantic Ocean, New Hampshire based marketing firm, C3 Metrics, needed to conceal rooftop HVAC equipment while maintaining their new headquarters building’s modern theme. The structure’s unique rooftop layout, architectural geometry and proximity to saltwater all needed to be taken into special consideration throughout the project.

Our aluminum L10 Angled Louvers were selected to complete the 470 linear foot RoofScreen. The louvers’ unique design provides vision proofing while maintaining a crisp, geometrically pleasing finish. Aesthetically speaking, unpainted louvers were a great choice for the project, however, exposure to saltwater can be a major issue for the structural and visual longevity of raw milled aluminum and this location was no stranger to salt-heavy atmospheric content. To maintain the desired industrial look, we left the louvers unpainted and used clear anodizing to maintain a raw look that was sealed and safe from the seawater air.

The RoofScreen layout was specifically drafted to mesh with the buildings’ many unique structural features, shapes and materials. Unsightly rooftop equipment spanned 3 main architectural components of the building (pictured below). The RoofScreen encompassed all three segments without interrupting architectural flow all while leaving the smallest footprint possible.

As always, waterproofing was of highest priority. Our patented leak-proof Square Base RotoLock attachment system was utilized to anchor the custom designed RoofScreen system to the rooftop. Regardless of the locations island-like geography, the folks at C3Metrics can be certain no water will be entering the building, through the roof anyway.

With waterproofing covered, louvers sealed, and a custom drafted design to complement the building, C3 Metrics now has a rooftop that will stand the test of time, and look good doing it.