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July 20, 2021

Whether you know it or not, you’ve probably enjoyed a beverage flavored with Monin syrup. The commercial flavoring giant supplies coffee shops, restaurants, bars and companies like Sysco with syrups to give your favorite coffees, mixed drinks and other beverages their signature tastes.

Monin’s premiere west coast manufacturing facility just opened its doors in the town of Sparks, Nevada. The 115,000 square foot facility includes full flavor processing and bottling production and facilitates product distribution for the western USA, Mexico and Canada.

To keep large-scale production running smoothly, the new Monin facility hosts several rooftop HVAC units and exhaust systems, all of which extend well above the building roofline. When left unscreened, the rooftop equipment sticks out like a sore thumb against the rolling desert backdrop. Commercial HVAC equipment is also loud. Being in close proximity to neighborhoods, the facility needed a two-fold solution — visual screening and sound suppression of a few particularly noisy rooftop units; we had the perfect resolution.

Custom Tailored Concealing

We engineered and manufactured several custom framing designs to support equipment screen panels around each of the building’s rooftop extremities. The most unique framing layout featured a custom trellis-style system that enclosed a line of rooftop exhaust vents. We limited the overall footprint of the trellises by designing a curved steel frame layout. The curved trellis design allowed us to perfectly enclose the 5-foot-tall aluminum stacks without taking up more roof space than necessary. We coupled this frame design with our Round Post Attachments for a secure, leak-proof connection to the building roof.

SoundGuard™ Technology

Two particularly large and noisy HVAC units on the west side of the building are in close proximity to a neighboring residential area.
Our SoundGuard™ Acoustic Panel System was mounted at each unit to keep them quiet. The SoundGuard Acoustic Panel System is a 4” thick sound attenuating barrier assembly designed for noise control. The system’s versatility allows for any type of face panel to be used. This versatility enabled us to incorporate the same face paneling thought the entire project, while only incorporating SoundGuard paneling where necessary, helping keep costs down.

Happy Neighbors and Building Owners

With strategically placed SoundGuard panels keeping noise pollution under control, residents of the surrounding neighborhoods could rest easy.
The team at Monin, Inc. received a great looking roofline that performed exactly as needed; all rooftop equipment properly screened from sight, cost effective use of SoundGuard technology and small framing footprints all mixed together creating the perfect equipment screen cocktail.