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February 13, 2023

Charcoal ribbed roof screen paneling on Starbucks coffee shop drive thru

Nestled on the outskirts of Los Angeles County, the Northridge Starbucks is the coffee giant’s first location to be powered exclusively by on-site solar equipment.

The design of the building offers a sleek solution to incorporate solar arrays in an almost unnoticeable way.

The rooftop needed an equally sleek solution to conceal its several large HVAC units.

Charcoal colored 3 inch ribbed RoofScreen paneling on California Starbucks

Unsightly HVAC units can be a challenge for architects and building owners who want to maintain a clean and streamlined appearance to their buildings. Oftentimes, it’s more than just a concern of aesthetics – HVAC units may require screening to adhere to city ordinances and regulations.

The Starbucks rooftop houses several large HVAC units that extend well above the building’s existing parapet wall, making them visible from ground level.

Adding a RoofScreen is often a great alternative to vertically extending a parapet wall during construction, as it is often less expensive and more feasible. Plus, it creates an option to add fantastic contrasting textures and colors to the building.

Ribbed equipment screen paneling close up on Starbucks

The Northridge Starbucks’ light colored exterior is contrasted by dark charcoal accents present in the entryway, outdoor patio and drive-through overhang, allowing the many solar panels to blend into the architecture.

To mesh with the existing color theme, the architect utilized our 3″ Deep Rib Panels in a Matte Black finish as the Equipment Screen Cladding.

The Paneling was attached to the existing parapet wall using our Interior Wall Mount Framing to conceal rooftop HVAC equipment, giving the roofline a clean look that tied in with the rest of the building’s architecture.

Equipment screen coving HVAC equipment on top of commercial coffee shop

As with all our Framing, the IWM system is designed to be simple to install, is fully waterproof and comes backed with a 20-year warranty making it a reliable and long-lasting solution for rooftop screening needs.