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July 20, 2020

Nestled among dense forestry just outside downtown Poplarville, Mississippi, the clay tile roofs of Pearl River Community College break up a sea of greens with a splash of vibrant orangey red. The campus’ newly constructed Math and Science building was designed to match the surrounding classic architecture, with a few modern upgrades.

Southern Mississippi is no stranger to harsh weather. Traditional tile roofing is prone to hail impact, storm damage and can absorb up to 15% of it’s weight in water. This can be cause for costly repairs and adds significant weight to the roof over time. We wanted to create a lightweight RoofScreen system that would stand up to decades of elemental stress.

We utilized our Tilt Back style Cantilevered Frames coupled with our watertight Square Base RotoLock attachments to create a mansard style RoofScreen inside the building’s existing parapet walls. This created a seamless transition between the building edge and RoofScreen system when viewed from ground level.

Our leak-proof RoofScreen framing system was outfitted using DECRA’s Villa Tile paneling. DECRA’s roofing is forged from stone-coated steel paneling, allowing it to last a lifetime. The unique construction provides the look of classic clay tile while exhibiting the durability of steel.

Collaboration is one of our passions. Designing a custom RoofScreen framing system to seamlessly incorporate DECRA’s innovative paneling is a project we won’t soon forget, and hey – it also led to a great looking roof that’s sure to last through anything Mother Nature throws its way.