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January 12, 2023

The new Northwest Health Emergency & Urgent Care in Bentonville, Arkansas is conveniently located in a large suburban area, in close proximity to many homes.

While a location like this is convenient, it comes chock full of stringent municipal codes including strict HVAC screening requirements.

To help Northwest Health get their roofline in compliance, we had the perfect two-in-one screening solution.

urgent care facility with large equipment screen

We designed an equipment screen using our 3″ Deep Rib Paneling and SC5 Frames with RotoLock Base Supports for an economical, yet high-strength HVAC screening solution.

SC5’s are one of our strongest frames and are often specified when wind loads are high, screening is tall, or building occupancy standards require certain structural conditions are met.

RoofScreen equipment screen framing with square base supports

Two-For-One Special

A location providing emergency services needs to stand out.

Luckily, our Equipment Screen Cladding can provide a perfect backdrop for bold building signage. Northwest Emergency & Urgent Care’s logo was attached to the equipment screen using simple mounting brackets.

Safe to say, no one will have trouble finding this urgent care!

RoofScreen cladding utilized to mount building signage

Don’t let free space provided by your RoofScreen go to waste!

Whether you’re using one of our many cladding options, or our VisionGuard Louvers, signage mounting is straightforward utilizing easy to install brackets.

Contact us to discuss your project!

Aerial view of equipment screen concealing rooftop HVAC equipment