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June 20, 2020

One of Marriott’s newest establishments, the AC Hotel at Portsmouth, was in need of an amenity deck screening solution. We utilized our VisionGuard™ L20 Slatted Louvers and NC3 Framing system to conceal mechanical  equipment beside the hotel’s rooftop eatery while preserving the building’s urban seaside style.

For projects where a slatted or lattice style effect is desired, our VisionGuard™ L20 Louver system is a fantastic choice. The blades are 5.5″ wide and the gap between them can be specified to any distance desired. As with all VisionGuard™ Louvers, the blades are continuous, eliminating frame flanges and vertical mullions common in other brands.

Our NC3 Framing configuration was used to keep the RoofScreen system footprint small and in close proximity to rooftop equipment, allowing the system to align perfectly with the existing geometry of the building. The frames were mounted with our watertight RotoLock™ Square Base Supports. Our Square Base attachments include specially designed Base Cap Assemblies that counter-flash over the roof flashing boots and include rubber sealing gaskets for the highest quality waterproofing detail possible.