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April 20, 2021

The newly constructed Madison County Service Center sits on an 8-acre parcel just west of downtown Huntsville, Alabama.

The two-story, 60,000 square foot facility serves as a new public service building, taking the place of multiple existing government facilities scattered thought the county, putting all their services conveniently under one roof.

L10 VisionGuard Louvers

The Service Center roof houses six large HVAC units, all visible from the entryway side of the building making for an unsightly first impression. Building designers, Chapman Sisson Architects, came to us requesting a remedy for the issue.

Our L10 VisionGuard Louvers were a perfect solution to screen the roof-side HVAC equipment while staying true to the architectural look of the building.

Custom Vertical Mullions and Trim Caps

The team at Chapman Sisson wanted to add a twist to our standard louver layout. They were pleased they weren’t restricted to a short list of standard trims; RoofScreen Mfg. has the flexibility to design and manufacture an endless variety of trims.

Vertical mullions and custom trim caps were specified to give the RoofScreen a more robust look. These embellishments were a perfect aesthetic addition allowing the RoofScreen to tie in with the with the glazing and lines of the building.

SC3 Frames

No equipment screen would be complete without our watertight framing system to support it. Our classic SC3 Frames tie the whole system together; composed of galvanized steel tubing and AISI Type 304 stainless steel fittings, they are able to serve as the backbone of the RoofScreen even under the highest wind loads.

Our patented leak-free Square Base Supports were used to attach the 200 linear foot screen securely to the building roof members.

FEVE Powder Coating

Our metal finishing division, California PowderWorks, took care of the powder coating on the louvers, mullions and corner treatments.

“Sandstone” FEVE based powder was used to complement the Service Center’s colorway. FEVE powder was selected for this project as a more environmentally conscious alternative to traditional PVDF resins.

FEVE powders are solvent free, release no VOC’s upon application and do not require chrome-based pretreatment chemicals. In addition to protecting the environment directly, eliminating base coats, toxic primers and solvents often required for liquid PVDF applications can also help save time, reduce energy consumption and cut down on material waste.

A huge thank you to the installing crew at Lee Builders, Inc. for making the project come to life and to Chapman Sisson Architects!