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July 14, 2023

Proper Equipment Screen Design is Essential.




No one wants a product that falls apart over the years.
No one wants to be up on a roof fixing leaks in the rain.
No one wants a system that looks like an afterthought.

When it comes to making a functional architectural statement or simply hiding the ugly stuff on your roof, a proper equipment screen must span the gap between dependability and aesthetics.

But how can you get the perfect mix of form and function?

A 100% Leak-proof Attachment System

If you avoid roof penetrations like the plague, you’re in good company. People are afraid of roof penetrations because of a long history of shoddy work and poor design in the construction and solar industries. But let’s face it, roof penetrations are necessary and that’s where RoofScreen can help you.

Trust our track record of over 130,000 successful roof attachments without a single leak. We came out of the roofing and construction business so we get it. That’s why we developed and patented a roof penetration system that works for architects, building owners, contractors and roofers.


Site Specific & Wet Stamped Engineering

We’ll take care of all the unseen technical mechanics. Real engineering is highly dependent on specific site conditions. That’s why RoofScreen provides you with the full package, tailored to your specific project. Generic rubber stamped “engineering” data sheets just don’t cut it with us.

We can provide you with engineered solutions for any of our products, and we back it up with full shop drawings and engineer’s stamp for any state.


Seriously Durable Materials

RoofScreen tubing is stronger and more corrosion resistant than standard pipe. Our high strength mechanical tubing has been tested to last more than 4 times longer than typical schedule 40 pipe. Various sizes and gauges are available as well as additional services like curving allowing for ultra-durable customization options for any project.

Strong framing materials require equally strong connecting hardware. Our heavy-duty connectors are made of bullet proof stainless steel. Okay, they aren’t actually bulletproof, but they are super strong, and they’ll never rust. The system’s simple design allows unlimited flexibility. Simply slide into the desired position and fasten with self-drilling Tek screws.

Endless Aesthetic Options

There are many options to align your equipment screen with the architecture of your building and its specific screening needs:

Standard Panels

Standard panels coupled with any of our RoofScreen framing systems are a great cost-effective option if you want things tastefully hidden. Metal cladding has long been a favorite choice by architects and designers to make building projects look unique and amazing. The beauty and durability metal offers makes it a natural choice for the facing on a roof screen. The vast number of colors, styles, textures and profiles available today provides almost unlimited options.

Perforated Panels

Perforated panels are a great compromise between the visual allure of a louvered system and the price point of standard metal paneling.


Louvers are arguably one of the best, most aesthetically oriented options for use on a RoofScreen. Architectural aluminum louvers can provide dramatic visual appeal to an otherwise plain looking building. But they must be done right, or they can wind up looking very industrial and mechanical.

Whether on a penthouse, equipment screen, parking garage vision screen or other type of enclosure, RoofScreen VisionGuard™ Louvers are the perfect choice if you’re looking for an attractive, streamlined architectural look.

Decorative Metal

Want to kick the creativity up a notch? DecoScreen™ Decorative Metal Panels are a great option to make your project stand out. From panels on an equipment screen to an ornate façade, decorative panels can bring an entirely new look and feel to any project. Select a standard design or work directly with us to create something perfect for your project!

Decorative metal paneling creates intricate architectural addition to modern building

A Foolproof Warranty

Whatever your reason is for needing rooftop screening enclosures, don’t take a chance on a “make it up as you go” installation. Trust a well thought out system designed by seasoned construction and roofing professionals. We know what we’re doing, and we’re not just saying that. We back that claim up with a 20-year warranty on most of our products!