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DryCap® System

DryCap Sleeper Cap system


There’s nothing wrong with traditional sheet metal sleeper caps. The big problem is that there’s no way to attach equipment to them without creating a leak.

DryCap® is a watertight, structural sleeper cap system designed to cover wood or steel sleepers and curb rails. Equipment can be mounted and attached to the T-slots on the DryCap® without penetrating the watertight barrier.


• Cap: .100” thick extruded aluminum, ASTM B 209, Alloy 6063-T6.
• Steel Cleat: ¼” thick hot dipped galvanized steel, ASTM A36.
• Cleat: ¼” thick extruded aluminum, ASTM B 209, Alloy 6063-T6.
• End Caps: .100” aluminum sheet
• Fasteners, Cleats to wood: Simpson SDS Wood Screws
• Fasteners, Cleats to steel: #12 T3 SDS
• Fasteners, Cap to Cleat: ¼” x ½” SS Thread Cutting Screws


Data Sheet
Installation Manual