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January 27, 2015

RoofScreen solved a big problem with the invention of DryCap®, a watertight structural sleeper cap system for wood and steel sleepers and curb rails on commercial roofs. The problem was not with the traditional sheet metal caps typically used, but with the way contractors would attach equipment to them later. They would drill holes through the top of the sheet metal cap, mount equipment like air conditioners, ducts, pipes and roof screens with lag bolts and dab the bolt heads with caulking to keep them from leaking. With DryCap®, equipment can be attached to the tops of roof sleepers without penetrating the water tight barrier and creating leaks.

Now we’ve added even more value by proving how strong the DryCap® system is. Through independent testing by an accredited structural testing lab, we’ve shown that DryCap® sleeper covers can handle thousands of pounds of force in any direction.


When large rooftop equipment is placed on a roof, wind loads need to be applied to the full surface area of the equipment, which can transfer substantial point loads into the structure. The strength of the DryCap® System allows such point loads to be applied with no more worries about creating leaks.

Learn more and watch our informative video by visiting our DryCap® Sleeper Cap System page.