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October 27, 2014

RoofScreen Mfg. is proud to introduce SoundGuard, a sound deadening panel assembly that is perfect for rooftop equipment screens, emergency generator enclosures, or any other situation where a sound attenuating barrier is needed.

Until now, if you needed an acoustical barrier, you were limited to either jury rigged systems, or to a very small number of outward-facing panel choices from just a few suppliers. That’s because other sound panel manufacturers fully assemble their systems, including the face panels, at the factory so you’re stuck with their panel styles and colors.

We decided architects and builders should have more choices.

SoundGuard™ panels, which are field assembled, allow you to choose whatever panel you want for the outside face while meeting the sound attenuation requirements of the project on the inside. Whether you chose from our broad selection of standard panels for the outside, or want to use a panel or material sourced elsewhere, we will accommodate the needs of your project- not the other way around. This flexibility also provides another great benefit. You can apply the sound deadening assembly only in the areas needing it, while continuing the face panels throughout the project for a completely uniform look.

For more information, please see our SoundGuard™ page.