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May 10, 2023

roofscreen LT light-duty frame

The all-new RoofScreen LT™ Frame is our fastest installing, most cost-effective frame ever!

Consisting of 3 lightweight square galvanized tube members, the LT™ Frame is designed for flat and low-slope rooftops in low wind areas. Perfect for buildings that need a low-cost, yet effective Equipment Screening solution.


Lightweight Frame. Heavy-duty Waterproofing.

The LT™ Frame comes standard with our new Square Post Support attachments which are designed to accommodate varying roof insulation thickness.

As with all our products, waterproofing is at the forefront of design. The Square Post Support system utilized by the LT™ Frame attaches in a watertight manner to any type of roof construction. Worried about flashing a square post? Don’t be! We’ve made it easy by providing square flashing boots alongside our proprietary FlashClamp for a completely waterproof detail.

Learn more about the Square Post Support here.


Complete Compatibility

The RoofScreen LT™ Frame is designed to accommodate virtually any type of Equipment Screen Cladding to achieve the desired aesthetic for your building.

Ribbed equipment screen paneling close up on Starbucks


Double Up on Savings

RoofScreen LT™ provides a fast and simple installation experience and is designed with lightweight materials, allowing you to save on both initial product and installation costs.

It’s a no-brainer for light-duty projects with a tight budget.


Got a flat or low sloped roof that needs an Equipment Screen? Come see if the RoofScreen LT™ Frame is right for your project!