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March 25, 2021

At RoofScreen we rely on powder coating as a way to finish many of our products. The tough and versatile style of coating results in a finish that resists the corrosion, abrasion and color fading that traditional liquid coatings are susceptible to.

Not all powders are equal.

We founded our own powder coating shop, California PowderWorks, as a way to take control of the powders we use on our products here at RoofScreen.
Whenever possible, we strive to use FEVE based coatings. We believe their versatility, durability, sustainability and aesthetic qualities make them the best choice for both our customers and our planet.

Keep reading to learn more about why we select FEVE powders for AAMA 2605 applications.

As an architectural and commercial provider, our finishes are often AAMA 2605 specified.

Architectural powder coatings that meet the performance requirements of AAMA 2605 are comprised of two different resin types: PVDF resin (polyvinylidene difluoride) or FEVE resin (fluoroethylene vinyl ether).

Most of us within the industry are familiar with, or have heard of, PVDF based resins. PVDF fluoropolymers have been an industry standard for a long time, a really long time—over 50 years! PVDF resins are based on a traditional 2-coat system comprised of a primer coat and topcoat.

Recently, FEVE based resins have begun to emerge as an increasingly popular option for many commercial and architectural-grade powder coating applications. Due to their unique chemical composition, FEVE based powders only require a single coat to provide the same performance as the old-school 2-coat PVDF system. This has several advantages, but not everyone has been quick to shift from traditional ways, though the benefits are clear.

When it comes to making environmentally conscious decisions, FEVE powders are the clear choice.

FEVE powders are solvent free, release no VOC’s upon application and do not require chrome-based pretreatment chemicals prevalent in PVDF based applications. In addition to protecting the environment directly, eliminating pesky base coats, toxic primers and solvents required for PVDF applications can also help save time, reduce energy consumption and cut down on material waste.

FEVE resins are able to showcase a broader gloss spectrum when compared to PVDF resins.

PVDF resins naturally dull as they cure due to their chemically inherent matte-like finish. This typically results in medium to low gloss finish levels ranging from 10-35 according to ASTM D520. The molecular curing process of FEVE based resin exhibits no matting effect and can exhibit gloss levels from 25 (matte) to 75 (high gloss), giving a more dynamic choice in design and aesthetic versatility.

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