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April 20, 2020

Let’s say you need a large equipment screen to conceal several rooftop units. Acoustical screening is specified, but only required for a small section of the screen wall. With most acoustical screening systems, you must either use acoustical panels on the entire screen (expensive), or sacrifice cohesive design by using acoustical panels where necessary, and alternative panels everywhere else.

RoofScreen’s SoundGuard system is different. With SoundGuard you can use the same face panel across the entire screen wall, incorporating the acoustical screening only where necessary.

The SoundGuard Acoustic Panel System is a 4″ thick sound attenuating barrier assembly designed for aesthetics as well as noise control. The outward facing panels of the system can be any desired material allowing uniformity of color, texture, and profile with other elements of the building. SoundGuard Panels can be seamlessly integrated into any RoofScreen wall system providing ultimate flexibility of functionality and aesthetics.